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Alright, kids. As I’m sure has been noticed, I have been incredibly neglectful of this blog (mostly due to work, preparing for moving/school this fall, and i mostly sleep when i’m home anyway) — I’m just gonna officially call out hitatus for an undetermined amount of time bc I’m not sure when/if I’ll feel up to picking things up again…

But in particular I want to note: I started this blog way back when there were only a handful of Fahrenheit blogs on tumblr (almost no active Aaron-biased), but now ya’ll got many other tumblrs that are sooo diligent in updates and all things Aaron, that I don’t really know why I’m still here tbh!

In any case, thanks for sticking with my crappy excuse for a fanblog, and I hope to have time/motivation to come back in the not-so-distant future ^___^


2014.07.06 - Aaron at the Wang Gong Yu Huo Festival

Aaron appeared in Johnny’s Instagram

Aaron appeared in Tia’s Facebook Update

Aaron’s Facebook Update : “越南臉書  FP from Vietnam 



炎亞綸脫了!巧克力腹肌+人魚線見客 補油當「6趴哥」

炎亞綸8日舉辦《炎亞綸一刀不剪夏日Fan Party》與300位粉絲同樂,他誠意十足,上半身穿了件西裝外套,裡面是光溜溜的結實胸肌和腹肌。他更放送一對一親密接觸,不管是雙手從背後環抱推高爾夫球、還是扶腰跳繩,都讓粉絲害羞到不行。氣氛一嗨,炎亞綸更直接脫了!讓傳說中的健美好身材大方亮相。




Aaron stripped! Shows off chocolate abs + v line, adds on fats and be the ‘6% Brother’

Aaron Yan held his ‘No Cut Summer Fan Party’ with fans today. Aaron showed his sincerity, by wearing a suit, but beneath it is his firm chest and abs. He even gave chances for close interactions, from wrapping his arms around the fan from the back to play golf, or holding on to the waist for skipping, making fans really shy. When the atmosphere got high, Aaron literally unbuttoned his suit top and shows off his legendary good figure.

Five fans were selected to go on stage to have a sweet exercise time with their idol, which includes golf sit up, skipping, grip stick, stretching etc. The lucky fans who were picked were all flustered and didn’t dare to look straight in the eye of their idol, and those that didn’t got pick were continuously screaming and sighing. 

Previously, his body fats percentage were only 3.3%, and he was known as “3% brother”. Aaron admitted that he has strict control in terms of his diet. Initially, he strictly abide by eating two boiled meals but he recently realise that his hair, skin and nails are getting dry. Hence, he decided to reduce it to one boiled meal per day at least, and he would eat fried stuffs to add on more fats, and now his body fats percentage is back up to 5-6%. Aaron laughed, “Its also good being the 6% brother.” When asked when will he stop being so strict to himself, he answered: “Until the day the entertainment industry doesn’t need me.”

Earlier, Aaron Yan went to KTV with his friends, and cigarettes pack appeared in the picture. Aaron said, “That’s definitely not mine and I don’t look like someone who smokes either.” But he also emphasised that everyone in the picture are grown-ups hence fans should not worry.

Source: ET Today, 8th July 2014
Translations: Aaronyupdates.tumblr.com

Clip of Aaron’s 08/07/14 No Cut Summer Party


Aaron at 08/07/14 Hua Lien Summer Festival

Songs performed: No Cut, 一刀不剪 / The Unwanted Love 多余的我 / That’s Not Me 这不是我 / Unstoppable Sun 挡不住的太阳 



arron’s IG update

Aaron at Hua Lien Summer Festival (20140708)
Aaron featured in nenapan's Instagram updates